Why You Should Avoid Secondhand Smoke Like the Plague

I’ve always wondered if second hand smoke is really that bad for you. I used to be exposed to it all the time when I drove for waterloo limousines years ago. So I did some research and found out some disturbing news. Actually I was freaked out. Because this whole time I thought since I’m not actually smoking the cigarette I should avoid any serious health issues. WRONG!!!!

Every year there has been a little over 3,000 lung cancer deaths do to secondhand smoke. Not only deaths to adults but it effects the children as well, there have been reports of 150,000 to 300,000 hospitalizations due to low respiratory tract infections in small children, it also causes premature births.

Second handsmoke contains over 50 different substances that can cause cancer. Some of these cancers include lung cancer, nasal sinus cancer, respiratory tract infections and heart disease. There are over 4,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke and 250 of these are known to be harmful. Check out some of these included chemicals:

  • arsenic (a heavy metal toxin)
  • benzene ( a chemical found in gasoline)
  • beryllium (a toxic metal)
  • cadmium (a metal used in batteries)
  • chromium (a metallic element)
  • ethylene oxide (a chemical used to sterilize medical devices)
  • polonium-210 (a chemical element that gives off radiation)
  • vinyl chloride (a toxic substance used in plastics manufacturing)

And that is just a few and as you can see those are very harmful chemicals that no one should be exposed to. The more often you are around second hand smoke the more chance there is for you to have health problems related to second hand smoke.

Secondhand smoke is serious business. If you live with a smoker you need to set some ground rules, especially if you have children. Here are some things you can do if you live with a smoker. Do not allow them to smoke inside your home. If they are unwilling to go outside then create smokers room that is set aside just for smoking. Keep your house well ventilated and keep the windows open.

Don’t have ash trays lying around. If you are at a friends house or out with some friends and they ask you if you mind if they smoke say, “Of course I mind.” Don’t try to be polite because this is your health you are protecting and they are not going to pay your doctor bill should you get sick.

Many restaurants now offer non smoking sections that really aren’t non smoking sections. What I mean by that is you are separated by an invisible wall. One time I asked for the non smoking section and they placed me right on the other side of the smoking section. The smoke just went right over the wall to me. I couldn’t believe it so I asked them to move me. Don’t ever be afraid to ask to be moved if you can smell smoke.

Again this is your health that you need to protect. The bottom line is that secondhand smoke causes cancer and there is no good reason for you to be around it. Take my advice and do everything you can do minimize you and your family’s exposure to secondhand smoke.

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