Smoking Light Cigarettes Are Not Safe

I know people that smoke “light” cigarettes because they think it’s better for them. Well I have some shocking news for you, it’s not! You really need to understand how these so called “light” cigarettes are made and tested and then you can decide if it’s a good idea or not.

First let me say that choosing to smoke light cigarettes does not reduce your health risks from smoking. The only way you can do that is if you quit smoking.

Even though your cigarettes state that they have lower tar and nicotine numbers these numbers are a bit misleading. The way they calculate these numbers is through smoking machines. These smoking machines smoke every brand of cigarettes exactly the same way. The reason why this is misleading is because there are all different kinds of ways that people smoke. There are no two smokers that are exactly alike which is why you should not trust the numbers you see on the package of smokes. Also since smokers crave nicotine they may find themselves smoking a few extra cigarettes a day to get that nicotine crave satisfied. This means they are taking in more tar, nicotine and other harmful chemicals.

Those sneaky tobacco companies

Did you know that there is a technique behind getting these light cigarettes to register a certain way? I couldn’t believe it when I found this out and it really kills me that tobacco companies are allowed to do this. I mean they are legalized drug lords as far as I’m concerned. Light cigarettes were designed with tiny little pinholes that act as vents. These vents are uncovered when the cigarettes are placed in the smoking machine. But what happens when a real person smokes them. Well it turns out that these vents are placed literally millimeters away from where the smokers put their lips or fingers. What this means is that these vents are being covered up thus turning the “light” cigarette into a regular cigarette. Pretty sneaky eh?

Scientific findings

The Federal Government’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) has concluded that light cigarettes provide absolutely no health benefits. There is also no evidence that smoking light cigarettes will help smokers quit smoking. There is no such thing as a safe cigarette. The tobacco companies are completely aware of this and spend a huge amount of money portraying the image that smoking light cigarettes is better.

They know very well that a smoker is going to take bigger puffs and smoke more cigarettes. What is so sad is it’s all about money. Do you really thing the tobacco companies care of 400,000 people die in the U.S. each year from smoking related illnesses? The answer is no. They only care about how they can sell more cigarettes be it lights or regulars. Save your life, others lives and your money by quitting smoking today.

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